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Who is behind A Life Engaged?

A Life Engaged was started in the spring of 2015 by Jess & Dan Dalton while anticipating quitting our corporate jobs to take off into the world. We returned home 5 months later, still thirsting for more so we recently said goodbye to our hometown of St. Louis and moved westward to Denver! With a constant thirst of adventure and wanderlust, we’re excited to be exploring our new city.

Dan has a journalism degree from one of the top 10 journalism schools in the United States and has spent the majority of his career in digital advertising. While he loved his career, he wanted a break to frolic the world with his soon-to-be-wifey.

Jess has a masters of accounting which gives her a unique perspective to making the most out of any budget. After five years in various audit roles, both in public and industry, she thirsted for more. Traveling with Dan to learn more about herself and her soon-to-be-hubs was the perfect answer.

Geared toward adventure and meaningful travel, A Life Engaged ranges from destination and budget tips to international recipes to stories of losing each other in Berlin.

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What does A Life Engaged mean?

A Life Engaged means just it is says – to engage in life. We encourage individuals and couples alike to engage in life in all ways possible, but especially through travel. We aim to inspire others to engage, all while sharing our passion for travel, food and adventure. Plus, we were recently engaged when we created this blog, so the double meaning was just the cherry on top 🙂

A Life Engaged came about after two individuals met and fell in love over like-minded outlooks on life. Individually, Dan and Jess were ready to spend more time developing themselves personally and realized that it would take a break from career development in order to fully do so. So, we put our corporate careers on pause, took a leap of faith and catapulted into the world, constantly finding new ways to engage in life and culture. Not only did we grow personally, but our relationship flourished.