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Exploring Croatia – Hiking Vidora Gora

We woke up this morning excited for our next adventure on Brac Island. We decided to take the road less traveled this time. While most everyone was boarding a ferry to the more popular Hvar Island or Dubrovnik further south, we were excited for a quiet getaway on Brac Island.


Seriously, could that water be any more blue?

Brac is most famous for it’s white pebble beach called Zlatni Rat which means “Golden Horn”. Notice I said white pebble beach, not white sand beach. I did not catch that my first read through so I was surprised from the pictures to be greeted with a pebble beach rather than a white sandy beach. We enjoyed the promenade walk toward Zlatni Rat where vendors were selling lavender from nearby Hvar and Brac stone underneath the shady pine trees.

promenade view

Views from the promenade, Zlatni Rat beach in the distance

The next morning, we woke up early anxious to scale Vidora Gora, the highest mountain of the Adriatic Islands. A storm was brewing, interrupting a quiet morning with loud, crackling thunder. Our hike took a backseat to blogging on the covered patio under the rain. Finally, at high noon, the sun came out lighting the sky with its brilliant rays and we were heading up.

Vivora Gora

Hiking in 100° heat straight uphill with no shade was a tough trek. Hiking up the rocky path made us feel drunk as we continuously lost our footing, sending rocks downhill behind us. We kept looking back, impressed with our ascent and progress up the Vidora Gora trail. Early on the hike, the trail forked and we weren’t sure to go left or right. About an hour in, our trail was interrupted with a rusty wired fence. Well crap, had we taken the wrong path? We decided to break for lunch and think it through. After devouring our sandwiches, we realized the fence had a gate. Duh. So we marched on. Upon reaching the top, we were rewarded with views of the Golden Horn, Hvar and other islands further away. The views were truly breathtaking. After a few pictures and wiping our brows of sweat, we began our descent full of multiple wipe outs, torn up shoes and smiles.

Zladnir Rat