A Life Engaged

Prague Day Trippers

Our favorite thing to do when we get to a new city is to wander around to get our bearings. We wandered through the winding roads of Old Town, stopping for a philharmonic symphony going on in the main town square. Afterwards, we watched the astronomical clock strike twelve and made our way across the famous St. Charles Bridge.

St. Charles Bridge

After crossing the bridge, we made our way to the Lennon wall. On our way, it felt like we passed through a time machine as two guys decked out in 60s clothes were playing “Yesterday” in the street. As we skipped and sang Beatles songs together, we finally made it to the wall where a busker was playing a personal favorite, “All You Need is Love”. It was a magical moment and we couldn’t help but leave our mark of peace on the wall and think of Mom (one of the biggest Beatles’ fans out there).

john lennon wall

Posing at the John Lennon Wall, a wall of peace

Next, Dan dragged Jess up a massive hill without telling her what was at the top. Knowing that a beer garden was waiting for us at the top helped Dan endure the vertical climb. On the other hand, Jess moaned the entire way up, but immediately shut up when we were awarded at the top with jaw dropping panoramic views of the city.

Letna beer garden

Drinking with a view

The next day, we had some blogging to do. Blogging has been taking the backseat to experiences, and for good reason. After all, the blog wouldn’t exist without unique experiences in distant lands. We spent the day at a coffee shop with fancy lattes and healthy treats. Later that day, we walked in circles for an hour trying to identify the perfect place to satisfy our appetite. With most of the restaurants closing in front of us, we stumbled into Prague’s version of Texas Roadhouse, which was a total tourist trap. Whoops. We enjoyed beef and Czech’s version of Budweiser (a really fascinating story if you have the time).

We sought out Prague’s famous chimney dessert after dinner and ended the night at the Prague Beer Museum Pub. This was not typical museum, but instead crammed with young drunk backpackers. With sweat dripping from our brows into our Czech brews accompanied by screaming over the crowds, we were not inclined to stay for a second beer.

For cheaper accommodations, we didn’t stay in Old City, which meant we had a bit of a walk into the main part of town. The walk home was a bit sketchy, so we took turns checking behind us and playing ‘guard’ as we hurried under bridges and through graffiti-filled tunnels in the dark. 

We spent our last day in Prague looking for non-touristy things to do and found ourselves at the most touristy site in the city – the Prague Castle. It was a steep walk up, but the views were totally worth it. Boy this was a hilly city – reminded us a little of San Francisco.

Prague castle views

We finally reached the palace grounds and walked around, popping into all of the free buildings. The cathedral was massive and very impressive. We kept searching for the palace itself (you know, something that resembled a castle with turrets) only to find out that we were in it. Okay, so PSA: there is no castle with turrets at the infamous Prague Castle. You’ve been warned. Once we figured out we had seen all that there was to see for free, we found ourselves eavesdropping on the English tours in order to learn a bit of free history about the place.

stained glass

The stained glass at the cathedral was unbelievable!

We made our way back down the hill, traveling through the oldest vineyard in Prague. Instead of stopping here (surely a tourist trap), we decided it was beer time. We found ourselves a pub full of locals where we traded our barking dogs for a couple of Czech cold ones. Next, it was onward to Ferdinanda, a local restaurant, where we stuffed our faces with fried bread and cheese, beef goulash, fries and pork smothered with mushrooms and cheese (and more beer, of course). This was the first meal we didn’t share in a while, so the overload put us into a food coma with a slight buzz – pure happiness if you ask us. We spent the evening talking about our trip thus far and what else we were looking to accomplish, deciding that we were really looking forward to a week of volunteering in Hungary and spending so much time with a group of locals and like-minded travelers.