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The 7 Best Free Things to Do in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city with a long rich history. There are plenty of free things to see and do in Prague, so it makes the perfect location for a budget traveler. Star the following attractions on your map and spend a few days wandering from place to place.

7. Žižkov TV Tower & David Černý Sculptures

An odd sight, but worth a visit. This Žižkov tower was built in the late 80s/early 90s and has an architecture style that is much different from Prague’s old city buildings. The crawling baby sculptures were temporarily added by David Černý (a Czech artist) in 2000. A year later, the babies earned a permanent spot due to popular demand. As you walk around town, you can spot other eccentric sculptures of a similar style. The creepy babies make another appearance, along with two men pissing and other odd sculptures.

TV Tower

6. Prague Castle Grounds

You can either pay to go into the castle itself, or you can simply roam around the grounds for free (which includes free entrance to St. Vitus’ Cathedral). If you time your visit right, you can also access the Golden Lane for free after 6pm. This sounds silly but as a fair warning, don’t expect to see a grand castle. Rather, there is a collection of buildings constructed over centuries. If you wander slowly you can pick up interesting tidbits from tour guides leading groups around. This is definitely worth a visit, if nothing else than for the views of the city from the hilltop.

St. Vitals' Cathedral at the Prague Castle

St. Vitals’ Cathedral at the Prague Castle

Views from the Old Castle Steps

Views from the Old Castle Steps

5. Wander Around Old Town

Prague’s Old Town consists of narrow wandering streets packed with a collection of varying architecture. These streets will lead you to the Old Town Square, which is, of course, full of tourists, street performers and vendors, but wandering around is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Hint: To satisfy a sweet tooth, pick up a Czech chimney pastry from one of the street vendors.

Czech chimney

Delicious Czech chimneys for dessert!

4. Astronomical Clock

Located just off of Prague’s main square in Old City, this is the oldest working astronomical clock in the whole world! Make sure to time your visit when the hour changes to see a special surprise. Hint: Come by during the early hours to avoid the crowds.


3. St. Charles Bridge

The St. Charles Bridge is a Prague icon and a popular tourist attraction. The bridge is lined with 30 Baroque-style statues and flanked by a tower on each end. Make sure to stop for a dash of luck by rubbing the statue of St. John of Nepomuk. St. John was a martyr that was thrown into the Vltava River below from this bridge in 1393. Morbid right? Either way, this is a beautiful bridge worth taking a stroll down for some great views of Old City.

St. Charles Bridge

Tourists enjoying a stroll down the St. Charles Bridge

2. John Lennon Wall

If you’re a Beatles fan, this is a must-do for your visit to Prague (it was certainly one of our personal favorites). This wall has been an international symbol of peace since the 1980s. The Czech Republic had been going through turmoil under the communist regime. Young citizens used this wall to write complaints of injustice, using Lennon’s outlook on life as a model. Czech authorities painted over the writings for years, but the protests, writings and paintings continued to return to the wall. Today, it is full of poems, song lyrics, and symbols of love and peace.

If you’re lucky, you may even catch a busker playing Beatles music to make your experience that much more magical. This is a great stop after you’ve crossed over the St. Charles Bridge.

John Lennon Wall

1. Letna Beer Garden for Fantastic Views

Last but not least, this was one of our favorite spots in Prague. Okay, so the drinks aren’t free here, but the view is. Head up for a cold one and relax while taking in panoramic views of Prague from above. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is totally worth it.

Letna Beer Garden

Views of Prague from the Letna Beer Garden

What are your favorite free things to do in Prague? Let us know in the comments below!