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Best Travel Sites for Europe

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While recently traveling through Croatia, we met a fellow traveller from California. We spent 30 minutes over coffee sharing stories about where we had been and our favorite moments. As we were talking, she continually sounded surprised by the number of resources we used to find affordable transportation on the road. This traveller took note of a few of our suggestions and was delighted at her new resources. So, we thought we would share with you some of the best travel sites for Europe.


Buying train tickets in Budapest

Go Euro

We always start with Go Euro when trying to get an idea of how much it will cost to get from point A to point B. It’s a great starting point to see if taking a flight is within your price range or if you have no choice but to snatch up that €10 bus ticket. It even calculates how much it will cost if you drive your own car in gas and tolls.

Not only does it tell you how much your transportation will cost you, it also gives you a direct link to say, TrenItalia’s website, to book your train ticket on the spot. Go Euro works great if you’ll be traveling through the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg and Switzerland. It also works quite well for other countries throughout central Europe.

Mode of Transportation: Air, Train, Ferry, Bus, Car (incl. Bla Bla Car and car rentals)

Pricing: N/A

Regions: UK, Western & Central Europe


Traveling by ferry from Croatia to Italy

Bla Bla Car

Bla Bla Car is a ride-sharing website that runs through over 19 countries, including much of Europe and is even expanding into Mexico and India. We’ve used Bla Bla Car numerous times on our trip and have met some awesome people. This may sound like a scary thing to those from the US, but it’s actually a fantastic resource. Ride sharing programs are a great way to decrease emissions pollution, meet some fellow travellers, and is generally a more comfortable ride than a bus. Drivers have reviews on the website, so you can be comforted that your driver isn’t a total weirdo, or is, depending on the type of adventure you’re looking for.

Mode of Transportation: Car

Pricing: $$

Regions: UK, Western & Central Europe


Ryan Air


Ryan Air is Europe’s most well known budget airline. We’ve gotten flights for as little as £15 and have seen them even cheaper. Not only is Ryanair a very affordable way to get around Europe, over 90% of their flights last year were on time. This is a great option if you are short on time and want to get from point A to point B quickly. They are sticklers for baggage and their baggage fees can oftentimes be more expensive than the ticket itself. Try and limit yourself to a carry-on bag to really reap the benefits of this great airline. Also, make sure to print your boarding pass or risk paying a big fee at check-in.

Mode of Transportation: Air

Pricing: $

Regions: UK, Europe


Wizz Air

We personally haven’t flown Wizz Air, but it comes highly recommended from other travelers we’ve met along the way. Wizz Air is a Hungarian budget airline, so it serves Eastern Europe quite well. You can find flight just about all over Europe and it’s a great resource to check against Ryan Air if you’re set on flying.

Mode of Transportation: Air

Pricing: $

Regions: UK, Europe



The Man in Seat 61 is well known as a legend amongst the train traveling community. The site is slightly clunky, but is arguably the best resource on the web for planning train travel worldwide. With extensive FAQ sections for hundreds of locations, you can find out if you need to book tickets in advance to Rome, Italy or how comfortable second-class trains are in southern Spain. He even breaks down step by step how to travel on the Trans-Siberian railway from England to Japan! You will need a little patience when using this site but if you stick with it you will be more comfortable through the unknown by rail. This is strictly a research tool and you cannot but tickets on Seat 61.

Mode of Transportation: Train

Pricing: N/A

Regions: Worldwide



Most of us have come to know Megabus in the US as the more comfortable and cheaper alternative to Greyhound. When we started doing research for our trip in Europe, we discovered that Megabus also runs in Western Europe! We have ridden Megabus multiple times including trips from Paris-Brussels, Brussels-London, Berlin-Munich Florence-Rome and Rome-Milan. For us, when we can’t find a Bla Bla Car ride, this has been the most economical way to travel around Europe. The earlier you book, the cheaper you can find tickets; however, even booking a few hours in advance can get you where you want to go at a pretty inexpensive rate.

Mode of Transportation: Bus

Pricing: $

Regions: USA, Canada, Western Europe

There are thousands of cheap travel sites out there and the options can be overwhelming. We suggest you start with the sites listed above to narrow down your travel options and find the best price. If you find these sites helpful while planning your next trip or have other suggestions, please let us know in the comments.