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Preparing for a Trip Abroad – 7 Reasons to Leave

The decision to travel for 6 months did not come easy. We had to consider everything that we would be putting on hold; our family, our careers, and seemingly progress on our established life. Below were our most compelling reasons for leaving.

7 reasons to bet on ourselves

1. Life is Short

Both of us had set previous deadlines to travel and missed those deadlines repeatedly. We wanted to pave a different path and seek a new course that worked for us. We could either take a leap of faith and try this now or within the blink of an eye we would be 70 years old anticipating next week’s hip replacement.


 An inspiring sign at a downtown bar in Sydney, Australia 

2. No Time to Lose

As stated above, we spent years individually and collectively coming up with reasons NOT to go. While we have careers, hobbies and savings, we decided that there is much more to gain than lose from our experience. Time is our most valuable commodity, and while money sometimes takes the forefront, we can never get time back. Money will always be there and while we may have a lot or a little, time will always be running out.  Why is much easier to reason away than why not. Yet why not is so simple. Once we decided this was something we really wanted to pursue, we found a way to make it work (well, fingers crossed…we haven’t left just yet!)

3. You Are Not Alone

There are SO many people out in this world doing this very thing right now. Adventurers are climbing Mount Everest, devotees are making the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and some people are just simply roaming their way in and out of hostels without a care in the world. We look at them with envy. Why be envious when all it takes is a little determination and courage? Nomadic MattWorld of Wanderlust and The Blonde Abroad are just a few examples of people pursuing their travel dreams.


Lock after lock on a bridge in Melbourne, Australia

4. Personal Development

We have both participated in retreats, reflections, and service engagements throughout our lives. We’re hoping to get back to bettering ourselves and our surroundings throughout this trip.

5. Minimalism

Something about the idea of living out of a backpack was invigorating to us. Each of us have been very blessed, however, things can sometimes cloud what is really important. In a country full of commercialism, it is back to basics for us. We’re hoping to realign our focus from the desire to earn money and get in touch with our true values to live a richer and fuller life.


Part of our inspiration for this blog is our love for food. While some may say “Eat to Live”, we definitely “Live to Eat”. Going on a culinary adventure is a great way to experience a culture and we’re looking forward to doing just that.


Organic porridge with lavender vanilla and rose petals at a coffee shop in Geelong, Australia

7. Gain Perspective

Discovering other cultures provides an insight into other people’s way of life. We are hoping to gain some perspective by immersing ourselves and learning about the people we meet. Looking at life through someone else’s eyes may teach us quite a bit about ourselves and about our world.